Cookie Deep Dive: Ginger!

Cookie Deep Dive: Ginger!

Have you heard about “ginger”? That plant that’s been around for thousands of years? Originated in Southeast Asia? Solves everything from bland food to stomach aches? No? Ok great well in honor of our Gingerblast cookie, I’m going to do a ginger deep dive below so you aren’t the only idiot at the Zingiberaceae’s next Christmas party (this joke will make sense once you read below!!!) 

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Lexie's 7 Favorite Ginger Facts:

1. Ginger's roots (looool!) go back thousands of years to Southeast Asia

2. Ginger is a part of the storied Zingiberaceae family, one of the most prominent plant dynasties of recent millennia (you may be familiar with fellow family members, Tumeric and Cardamom?)

3. Always a team player, ginger is considered a “carrier” herb because of the way it helps other herbs be more effective in your body. Isn’t that nice? So a dumb male herb like dill gets a boost because of all the hard work Lady Ginger puts in and gets no credit for. TYPICAL.

4. In the 13th and 14th centuries, one pound of ginger equaled the cost of a sheep. This must have felt pretty shitty if you were a sheep. But basically I think that it means ginger was expensive. Or sheep were just seriously undervalued? The Gamestop of livestock. God if only Reddit were around back then, they could have really put the world back in order. 



5. Ginger can grow up to 4 feet tall! This was an unexpected, but also semi boring fact for me. But I think it’s important to get the full context of ginger, so we don’t get, like, OBSESSED with it and inflate its head. It needs to stay grounded (....) stay connected to its roots (.....) keep itself planted in reality (....)



6. Did you know that the ginger we eat actually isn’t the root, but the underground STEM known as the rhizome? So the next time someone refers to it as “ginger root” and you’re in the mood to be annoying, you can say, “oh, we’re going to have the gross, inedible part of Ginger? Or did you mean the rhizome?” 


7. Honestly the health benefits of ginger are too many to list, but the general rule of thumb among the scientific community is that if you feel bad with any type of ailment, including heartache, just make some ginger tea.


 So why all this ginger talk, you might be wondering? Are you dating a ginger or something? In fact I am, BUT THIS ISN'T ABOUT THAT! 

Honestly, the number two reason is because I’m super pro ginger and think we should all be consuming it 14x/day. But the other, third, non-ginger-hair related reason that makes it’s a bit more relevant, is that we have a TRIPLE ginger cookie, aka ze Ginger Blast, filled with 3 types of ginger- fresh, powdered, and candied.

Betcha didn’t see us ending up here...feels a bit sneaky I know… But look at how pretty she is:

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So, if you’re on the fence about ginger, and somehow remain unconvinced after my incredibly persuasive pro ginger treatise above, then perhaps you could dip a toe into the wonderful ginger underworld by trying our ginger blast cookie idk it's just an idea.
And feel free to say nice try no one tells me what to do!! 
But I bet the next time you pass a ginger on the street, person or plant, you’ll hold your gaze a little longer, and tip your hat, given all of this new and impressive information stored in your brain. 


kk bye for now hope you enjoyed xoxo

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