Anti Asian American Discrimination in the US

Anti Asian American violence and discrimination is not new in the US, but the misinformation and ignorance surrounding COVID has caused incidents targeting Asian Americans to skyrocket. As these numbers continue to rise in 2021, Instagram accounts like (@stopdiscriminasian @stopaapihate @stopasianhate @asianamericancollective @hateisavirus) have provided incredible resources for people (like me!) to learn about what is happening, the historical context for what is happening, and ways to help and make a difference. 

I have read in a few places people commenting on how it’s hard to classify these as hate crimes, and that they might be stemming more from the effects of COVID, like job loss and economic insecurity, than being specifically directed at Asian Americans, etc etc. While I obviously don’t know the details of every specific attack, the rise in discrimination and violence against Asian Americans during COVID is indisputable, and if your friends are generous enough to share their experiences with you, or if you do even minor digging online, you will find that many many many more people than you would ever have imagined have experienced this firsthand and it is absolutely racially motivated.

While I wish we could be on the ground in the US to help combat this ongoing problem in person, there are amazing organizations out there doing just that (again, follow the accounts mentioned above). @nymag did a great roundup of charities you can donate to (link in our bio), and this March we will donate 10% of our oatmeal raisin cookie sales to, a fantastic organization that supports Chinatown businesses, and @asianmentalhealthcollective, an organization whose mission is to normalize and de-stigmatize mental heath within the Asian community.

To the Shanghai community- even though we are far away, there are many ways we can be active in fighting this hate. Please let us know if there are any events going on in Shanghai we can help with or contribute to in any way.

Oatmeal Raisin cookies to me signify home, safety, compassion and comfort- all vibes I want to be sending out to our friends in the US right now/always.


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