Holiday Treats!


又到了一年一度圣诞季!各位亲爱的打工人和学生党是否都准备好了去参加各式圣诞大趴?毕竟大家都辛苦熬过了2020年,为了更好的迎接2021年,现在不放纵一下又更待何时呢:) 叮!Strictly Cookie当然也早就为你想好如何犒劳自己一番啦!请查收你的节日礼遇:

Here she is!! The holiday season!! Not sure if you’ve been invited to 100000 Christmas celebrations already (I’m currently at 2, and my schedule is wiiiiiide open ;) ;) but we have some pretty stellar treats to bring you and your friends heaps of holiday cheer.




First up, we have our Holiday Bomb Boxes. They are almost exactly what they sound like, but without any pesky explosions. Except for… the explosion of tastebud carolers that will be singing in your mouth after you pop one of our peppermint bark cookies in there!!

Our Holiday Bomb Box is filled with 9 Peppermint Bark cookies, so you can show you really mean (festive) business when you bring one of these along to your next holiday party...

今年圣诞节就别在淘宝上找一些奇怪的圣诞礼物(或者平安果)啦,我们决定把最简单真诚的圣诞祝福带给你。在这个喜庆的红色礼盒中包括了2块薄荷布朗尼曲奇和1块姜饼人。不管是馈赠老师、朋友、同事、甚至是每天帮忙给你接快递的保安大哥,Strictly Cookies的圣诞礼盒都是不二之选。并且我们还可以提供礼品卡哦。



And if you're overwhelmed by all of the weird and amazing gifts taobao has to offer, keep it simple with our Holiday Gift Boxes! We fill a sweet lil red box with 2 Peppermint Bark cookies and 1 Gingerbuddy. It’s the perfect, delicious treat for teachers, friends, colleagues or exceptional baoans (this is confirmed. Lao Wang LOVED it. And he is a horrible liar.) We can add a gift card so you can add that personal touch if you see this as the perfect time to profess your love to your baoan.

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And as always, if you need anything custom or extra special, reach out, we shall try our best to sort you out!

DIY Gingerbread Kits!


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