Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake cookie

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake cookie


Happy July, pengyous! In anticipation of another sticky summer, we are bringing you our lighter, yet still VERY satisfying, Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake cookie. This crisp and refreshing cookie, made with lemon zest and topped with a blueberry drizzle, will bring you that cool breeze you've been missing since your friend who used to manually fan you went back to Europe.

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Actually, neither of those questions. How about we just learn a little more about cheesecake?


Did you know that cheesecake was invented by the ancient Greeks? Not even the current Greeks, the old timey ones. 


One internet website says that we know this for sure because old cheesecake molds were found during an excavation, which makes me think they also invented those cheesecake molds that leave an imprint saying THIS IS CHEESECAKE!!! 
古希腊人的食谱很简单,不像我强迫阿姨做芝士蛋糕曲奇的95个步骤那么复杂。仅仅是新鲜的芝士奶酪,撒上一点老面粉,再点缀以蜂蜜。αυτό είναι όλο!

The ancient Greeks kept their recipe simple, unlike the 95 steps I have forced upon ayi for our cheesecake cookie, and just used fresh cheese patties, a little sprinkle of flour, and a drizzle of honey. αυτό είναι όλο!



When the Romans conquered Greece, which honestly the Greeks still won’t shut up about, they spiced things up a bit by adding in eggs and crushed cheese. And when the Roman Empire did that whole empire thing, the glory of cheesecake expanded as well, with each part of Europe adding their own little flair to this aged treat. 



DON'T BELIEVE ME?! Well here's a fact: apparently King Henry VIII's chef's contribution to the cheesecake canon was to use chunks of  cheese that had been soaked in milk for three hours (which is just, like, sooo Henry VIII, right?).




Unsurprisingly, the United States’ greatest gifts to the rich cultural history of cheesecake was 1. using cream cheese, and 2. a mall chain of restaurants devoted to cheesecake, aka The Cheesecake Factory, which is basically the most American spin you can put on anything.


Ok omg ENOUGH already of all of this cheesecake talk!!! Instead of stuffing your heads with more cheesecake knowledge, how about you stuff that gorgeous mouth of yours with our (historically significant?) Blueberry Cheesecake cookie!

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