Cookie Cappuccinos & Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies

Cookie Cappuccinos & Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies

Exhausted from 11/11 activities? Apple picking plucked all your energy? Pumpkin Patch Parkour got ya sore? As fellow Fall enthusiasts, we get it-November can be a lot. Which is why self care is so important during this hectic season. Taking a quick moment to soulfully gaze out the window. Really FEELING the ground under your feet as you tap-dance with your ayi park crew. Spending a few quiet minutes locking eyes with a stranger while stroking the nearest inanimate object- whatever it is that brings you peace.

Us?  We’ve found nothing more soothing than a cookie and a cappuccino… 


In what has become a constant attempt to consume more cookies, we’ve decided to sprinkle some cookie crumblies *atop* our cappuccino. They have cappuccinos?  I hear you asking yourselves. Yes. We do. COOKIE cappuccinos. 

Strictly Cookies cookie cappuccino

We’ve basically tried to recreate the cookie-crumbling-into-your-coffee taste scenario, but without the devastation that accompanies such events. Expect 20 grams of a fun mix of various flavors tastefully adorning your foam.  Available now via our wechat store, eleme, and Yan An Xi Lu/Panyu Lu shop (right next to Columbia circle, see below for full address)

And in celebration of our new drink, we’ve created a lil baby whoopie pie that we’ll be selling through the end of this week. It gives off a real pumpkin cheesecake vibe, but like, accessible. Two mini pumpkin spice cookies sandwich cream cheese frosting, creating a sweet and seasonal treat to help get you through the week. 

Sold in packs of 2, and available today through tomorrow (11/15) only.

pumpkin spice cream cheese whoopie pies strictly cookies

And in a classic case of breakup regret, we’ve decided to bring back Caramel Apple Crunch for just a little bit longer. I mean, obviously we’re fine without him, but it’s just a super casual thing now and he’s totally fine with other cookies being featured as well, and it’s not going to be forever, so like what’s the harm? You already knew that? Omg of couuuurse Melissa told you, ugh she's such a gossip.

caramel apple crunch Strictly Cookies

Lastly...a BIG thank you to those who came to our Stone Brewing cookie/beer event last Friday and helped us sell out by 8pm!! We will be SURE to prep more for our next round, and feel free to message us with any fun ideas for cookie/beer pairings :)

Stone Brewing Shanghai Strictly Cookies beer cookie pairing event


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