Gluten-Free Cookie!

We are so excited to introduce our new Gluten-Free white chocolate macadamia nut cookie! We know that some Celiacs are very very sensitive to even traces of gluten, so we want to give a quick rundown of the environment we make these cookies in. While we do our best to keep these cookies separate from the rest, we do not have a separate area or machinery to  prepare these cookies, and so it is very likely that they have been around our other gluten-filled cookies. Feel free to contact us directly at 137 8894 0337 or email to get more specifics on this baking environment, but we’re so excited to be able to offer a least a little something to the Shanghai gluten-free community, and we will continue to think up ways to serve you better.






So basically we’ve put around 40 cookie letters (red and white, to keep it in season) in a jar for you to make fun words and phrases with. We’re combining this with a little thing I like to call “Instagram” to make a game of it, for those who like web interaction. Here’s how it works:
1.) buy the jar (necessary, sorry!)
2.) make a clever word or phrase (or haiku!)
3.) post it on Instragram @strictlycookies with #cookiegrams
4.) wait tirelessly by your phone to see if your cookiegram is fun enough to warrant free cookie prizes.

CNY Limited Edition Bags!

We are so excited to be offering 200 limited edition Paper Tiger Shanghai Cookie packs this Chinese New Year! And a fun little game…

Here’s how it works: 200 special edition CNY bags have been printed and are on sale starting Thursday, January 16 through the 30th/until they sell out. They are available through our website for 45rmb, and inside will be a mixed of chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, oatmeal raisin, the flavor of the month, and sugar. 10 of these bags have a “golden ticket” inside, and each of the 10 tickets has one of the below prizes:
Jam gift box from Amelia’s
Coffee and cookie set for two at Cafe del Volcan
Pint of ice cream from Snow Maple Desserts
50 rmb gift voucher to the Avocado Lady
12 bagels and a spread from Spread the Bagel
Bag of Nom Nom Noir Coffee from Jonas Emil Coffee
150 rmb to Nosh
3 sets of prepared, ready to cook Xinwei meals
100rmb to Kate and Kimi
2 six packs of Paper Tiger Shanghai wrapping paper

and one, yet to be released, ~gRaNd PrIzE~ stay tuned!

Pollution Mix: You Will Survive.


So the pollution is no longer that thing that your mom is worried about but you insist is “fine!” and “just a phase!” despite occasionally wondering if it is slowly killing you, and you should just embrace it and take up smoking/drugs/a more reckless lifestyle.
It’s now turned into this really gross thing that’s going on and it is
But guess what? Your ears are fine! For now. And I haven’t yet read any articles about how bad pollution is for those crafty canals, so let’s reward those puppies for having our backs and not being so high maintenance (like that organ who must not be named) with some good old fashioned music. Crafted to accompany you on the emotional roller coaster ride we call Pollution, this mix will hold you while you rock on the floor and question every decision you made that led you to Shanghai. So pop an ear bud in (honestly, the less general air in your body the better) and enjoy!