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  • What is your delivery radius?
  • What are your delivery hours?
  • Do you provide FREE delivery?
  • Do you have nut-free cookies?
  • Do you have birthday party or office meeting options?
  • Can you provide a Fapiao?
  • Can I send cookies to a friend living in China (or down the street)?
  • Are any of your cookies vegan or gluten free?
  • If you live in the downtown area, within these streets: ZhongShanXi Lu 中山西路, ZhongShanNan Lu 中山南路, suzhou creek 苏州河, HuangPu Jiang 黄浦江- we are happy to offer you free delivery (on next-day orders. Same-day +15 RMB). If you live in the inner Pudong area (around LuJiaZui) delivery is an extra 15 RMB. Outside of these areas, please call us to coordinate delivery 137 8894 0337.

  • Between 10am and 6pm, Monday-Saturday!

  • We do, indeed! If you live within our delivery radius, and order next-day/future delivery, we are very happy to offer you free delivery on your order of 80 RMB or more. We also offer same day delivery (within 2 hours) for 15 RMB if you need cookies ASAP (understandable).
  • Yes! Our Chocolate Chip, Skinny Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, Snack Pack, Red Velvet, and Unifier cookies are all nut-free (For those extremely allergic to nuts: while we do our best to keep these cookies separate from the rest, we do not have a separate area or machinery to prepare these cookies, and so it is likely that they have been around our other nut-filled cookies.)
  • Yes! In addition to birthday cakes and office meeting sets, we can custom design a cookie package that works for you.
  • Yeah sure, why not!? Please send us the exact title in Chinese and we will get one to you within 3 days
  • Yes! You can either order and pay using our wechat store (qr code in #2 FAQ) or we have a Paypal option at checkout, which allows you to send cookies as gifts and surprises to friends or lovers. Or friends who have recently become lovers. Just remember to leave their China phone number so we can make sure the cookies get to them and not your enemy.
  • Yes! We have 2 great options! One is a vegan/gluten-free chocolate chip walnut cookie, and another is a delicious gluten-free White Chocolate/Macadamia nut cookie. (But please note-For those extremely allergic to gluten, while we do our best to keep these cookies separate from the rest, we do not have a separate area or machinery to prepare these cookies, and so it is very likely that they have been around our other gluten-filled cookies.)

Our Team



    Lexie founded Strictly Cookies in October of 2010 after lasting two (brutal) months in Shanghai without her favorite treat. Unable to find the delicious homemade cookies that had so defined her childhood and young adult life, Lexie set out to both bring a taste of home to people living abroad in China, and show the good people of China what they’d been missing for the past few centuries (give or take).



    Tinna really does a lot. Like a lot a lot. I could list it out here, but it would take too much time, so suffice it to say she keeps things running SMOOTH.



    This is Zhao Ayi. She is my baking soul sister. She is amazing and an unbelievable baker and probably one of the best people ever. This is her in our kitchen holding cinnamon and a pumpkin, two CRUCIAL cookie ingredients.



    Song Shifu is our early bird baker. This man wakes up before many of you party animals have even had your last cocktail in order to offer our customers the FRESHEST of cookies. He is also a Libra.



    Like seriously, what would we do without Summer? She tackles all of the incredibly confusing and complicated ingredient sourcing, and helps us manage one of our production facilities. This is a photo of her looking studious because honestly it must take so much studying to understand Chinese QS production law omg. THANK YOU SUMMER!

  • LULU


    Lulu is our master orders coordinator! She answers our phone, wechat, email, myspace, etc etc. We would be DOOMED without her. and she is like by far the most professional of any of us can't you tell?



    Wang Shifu has *it*. I know you can tell just by looking at this picture. We are #blessed to have him as a delivery guy



    Liang Ayi is one of the mad geniuses behind our new decorated cookies! She is all about detail and beauty.



    Qian Ayi does it all! She helps us bake, mix and decorate. Also she's this Qian 钱 ($) which is pretty badass.



    This is Amber chillin with an incredibly large teddy bear. I think it would be more fun if you guessed her role based off this picture instead of me telling you. (ok fine, she handles our accounting)

Where to find us

  • Hungry Lung Kitchen
    No.68 YuYuan Road
  • Seesaw
    No. 1601 NanJingXi Road - Reel
  • Lidoway Cafe
    No.58 YanAnDong Lu
  • Seesaw
    No. 999 HuaiHaiZhong Road
  • Fvart Coffee
    No.758 GuoAn Lu
  • Seesaw
    No. 150 HuBing Road
  • Fvart Coffee
    No.171 HaErBin Lu
  • Seesaw
    No. 755 HuaiHaiZhong Road
  • Caffeine Plus
    No.22 YueYang Lu
  • Seesaw
    No.433 YuYuan Road
  • Now
    No.718 KangDing Lu
  • Hungry Lung Kitchen
    No.144 YongKang Road
  • YiEnSi
    No.222 MaDang Lu
  • Café Du Village
    No.620 BaoLe Road
  • LIT Espresso
    No.1 JiaoYu Lu
  • Egghead Bagels
    No.455 ShanXiBei Road
  • V Coffee
    No.99 HuaiHaiZhong Lu
  • Avocado Lady
    No.274 WuLuMuQiZhong Road
  • Mozzarella
    No.1065 ZhongShanXi Lu Builing B, 106
  • Green and Safe
    No.6 DongPing Road
  • Coffee Groupies
    No.723 KangDing Lu
  • Flora's Shop
    No.77 FenYang Road
  • Lizzy's all Natural
    No.667 ChangHua Lu
  • Café Du volcan
    No. 80 YongKang Road
  • Lizzy's all Natural
    No.39 YongKang Lu
  • Nosh
    No.519 WuDing Road
  • Coffee Belt
    No.368 ShanXiNan Lu
  • Ready Fresh
    No.1 ChangShu Lu
  • Phenomenal
    No.291 FuMin Road 3rd floor
  • Buzztime Coffee
    No.327 WuDing Road
  • 猎狗咖啡
    No.51 LongWu Road
  • 新咖啡
    No.1107 YuYuan Road 4th Floor
  • Green and Safe
    No.181 TaiCang Lu
  • 73Coffee
    No.270 SongHu Lu
  • Phenomenal
    No.1045 HuaiHaiZhong Road
  • Coffee Place
    No.89 FuGuiDong Lu
  • Dolphin Coffee
    No.1181 BeiJingXi Lu
  • 新咖啡
    No.77 JiangNing Road
  • Project Aegis Cafe
    No.1 TaoJiang Lu
  • Pantry
    No.205 WuLuMuQi Nan Road
  • Coffee Moments
    No.868 YinHua Lu
  • Spread the Bagel
    No.245 MaDang Road
  • Daga
    No.37 TaiAn Lu
  • Spread the Bagel
    No.611 NanChang Road
  • Ocean's Grounds
    No.283 HuaiHaiZhong Lu
  • Green and Safe
    No.1438 HongQiao Road 4th floor
  • Dlish
    No.25 YanQing Lu
  • Nosh
    No.528 Nanquan Road
  • Energy Coffee
    No.3 XuanQiaoXiang Lu
  • Nosh
    No.601 Kaixuan Road
  • Hungry Lung Kitchen
    No.144 YongKang Lu
  • Nosh
    No.126 Yongkang Road
  • Hungry Lung Kitchen
    No.99 JiaShan Lu
  • Seesaw
    No. 300 Huaihai Middle Rd
  • Hungry Lung Kitchen
    No.300 HuaiHaiZhong Lu 4th floor
  • Seesaw
    No. 1378 HuaMu Road

Cookie Blog

  • Cookie Nooks!

    Jan 19, 2017

  • Recent price adjustments

    Dec 1, 2016

  • Thanksgiving Cookie Box!

    Nov 21, 2016

  • hey guess what?!

    Nov 7, 2016

  • Newsletter: Introducing our Pumpkin Spice Cookie of the Month!

    Nov 7, 2016

  • Coming Soon- Sweet Potato Marshmallow Thanksgiving Cookies!

    Nov 7, 2016

  • Cookie Nooks!

    !fun news! We have just opened 2 "Cookie Nooks" in Shanghai- one inside of Just Grapes on Anfu and Wulumuqi Lu, and another inside of Coffee or Tea on Xiangyang Bei Lu and Changle Lu! We still have our cookie shop/headquarters on Panyu Lu, but these are our official outposts where we either send fresh cookies daily, or bake right onsite. The idea was to do something simple in order to get more cookies to the fine people of Shanghai, and with each nook offering all or most of our 13 flavors, we think we're headed in the right direction!

    (a big thank you to Celia M-H and Caroline Tan for designing these for us!)

  • Recent price adjustments

    You may have noticed our prices were adjusted on December 1st to reflect the increasing prices of ingredients and labor in Shanghai. We are happy and proud to provide you with the highest quality cookies Shanghai has to offer, and our ingredients and staff reflect that commitment. Over the past three years, as I'm sure you noticed, things have gotten a lot pricier in our fair city, and as a price conscious person myself, I totally understand that this is no small thing. But I am committed to this company, and the team that runs it and the delicious cookies that power it, and so in order to keep doing what we do to the best of our ability, our cookie prices need to adjust in order to remain consistent with these changing times. PLEASE feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns- lexie@strictlycookies.com 


    Lexie and the Strictly Cookies team

  • Thanksgiving Cookie Box!

         Thanksgiving week aka Sweet Potato Marshmallow Cookie time is upon us! Inspired by the classic sweet potato casserole dish that was definitely at the first Thanksgiving, these cookies are made with roasted sweet potato, topped with gooey marshmallows, and sprinkled with brown sugar.
         I know I know, you’re thinking, “oh, but maybe I’ll make the dessert this year” and please know that I support you in all of your baking endeavors. But just a few quick things: Did you know that 15 people accidentally maim their loved ones in pie-baking related incidents annually? And 25% of all marriages where one spouse makes a pie for special occasions end in divorce? One fact that surprised me was that people who bake pies tend to be generally “doomed” and most animals react to them by shrieking and scampering away, much as if they had seen a ghost? So weird.

         I tooootally understand if you still want to do it because it’s fun and festive and whatnot, but I just wanted to give you both a heads up and an alternative.
         So if you don't want to risk it, why not try our Thanksgiving Cookie Box? Available Nov 21-27, and  filled with five Sweet Potato Marshmallow and four Pumpkin Spice cookies - for RMB108. Purchases can be made via our website or WeChat: StrictlyCookies完全曲奇, but must be placed one day in advancebecause these puppies are baked to order. (But if you have any last minute cookie needs/emergencies, we still offer one hour delivery on our other products to the downtown area via wechat:)

    Happy almost Thanksgiving! And keep your eyes on our wechat and instagram accounts (@strictlycookies) for a chance to win a Thanksgiving Box with your wit, charm and beauty.

  • hey guess what?!

    now we deliver cookies ALL DAYS OF THE WEEEEEEK!!!! We decided it was just cruel to be closed on Sundays, so now we aren't ;)


  • Newsletter: Introducing our Pumpkin Spice Cookie of the Month!

         Fall is here! Mostly! Apart from a quick, June-esque typhoony rain situation last week, I’d say we’re pretty much in the throws of some of the prettiest days in Shanghai. To celebrate all that Fall has to offer- roasted chestnuts, sweet potato cauldrons, what seems to be a bi-weekly tree massacre- we offer up ye olde Pumpkin Spice cookie.

         Now I know I know, everything these days has to have a dash of pumpkin in it: lattes, Tom Hanks, All Days’ sushi (not a joke. ate it yesterday.). This cookie, you might think, just adds to what is already a tired list. But you are wrong! THIS IS NO NORMAL PUMPKIN TREAT! 

         We first roast the pumpkin in what people in the industry like to call an “oven”. We then add it to a dough sprinkled with various spices, pop it back in the heat box (industry slang for oven) and chant while cross-eyed until it is done. The result is not your typical pumpkin-y product that screams I AM PUMPKIN I WILL JOIN THE FORCES THAT SHOVE APPLES INTO YOUR BASKET, PAINT THE LEAVES CRAZY COLORS AND FONDLE YOU WITH WIND. Nah nah. This pumpkin creature offers a faint tickle of Fall, much like a crisp breeze that gives you a knowing glance and whispers Fall ;) in your slightly-but-not-overly-chilled ear. Das what's up.

         So if you’d like to dip a toe in the season that has until recently played a little hard to get, look no further than our Crisp Fall Breeze Pumpkin Spice Cookie Moment. Why not add a 50g container of cream cheese frosting for 10 rmb while you're at it? No pressure, just think about it.

    But yeah, welcome to Fall. I'm into it.

                 COOKIES FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!
                                           Strictly Cookies
                                             137 8894 0337

    p.s. fun shop updates coming soon :)

  • Coming Soon- Sweet Potato Marshmallow Thanksgiving Cookies!

    Do you like delicious things that also seem festive and holiday-appropriate? If YES(!) then look no further than our Thanksiving Box Set, available Thanksgiving week ONLY (Monday 11/21-Sunday 11/27)! Filled with limited eidtion Sweet Potato Marshmallow cookies and our November cookie of the month- Pumpkin Spice- 108 RMB/box

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Famous cookie quotes

“Give me cookies or give me death!” -Patrick Henry. Later drew from this for his (more) famous quotation

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